event planning software

This event planning software is great for professional event planner, wedding planners, corporate
event planners or single vendors/merchants like magicians, DJs and single performers/bands/groups.

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This software will save you time and help keep track of your clients much better.                            

We have 20 years programming experience and 20 years in the events industry.

This is web-based software so you don't have to download anything to your computer to get it to work and no worries about updating to the latest version.  Updates are automatic!

This software is free* to test for the first 100 users. 
(there are not many free* licenses left)

After the first 100 users it will be $10 (US dollars) per month for additional people to use this system.

NEW!  View video demos on the features of this software

There are 2 versions of the software
The full version EPS-Pro3000 is below (more for people who book a lot of events or multiple sub-contractors)
The simple version EPS-Pro1000 (click here) (best for single operators or very small businesses/solo entertainers and similar)

EPS-Pro3000 Details/Features:

The basic version of this software is NEW and still under testing and that is why we are offering it to you free to test for the first 100 people and $10/month for the remaining others.  

The final pricing will be determined by the modules/options you purchase in the future.
Estimated annual pricing examples:
1 DJ company who only books themselves and nobody else = $100/year
1 Photography company that books 5 or less photographers a year $125/year)
1 Event Planner that books their services for planning only and does not sub-contract vendors $100/year)
1 Event Planner or Event Producer/Agency that books their services and subcontracts vendors under their contract $300/year)
Add-on modules
Accept credit card online for services $300 one-time setup fee
Convention Registration/Seminars Registration services online for customers (we partner with another company for this)
Room layout software for larger events/conventions (we partner with another company for this)

Click Here to request one of the FREE* licenses to test this software.

The basic version currently includes:

  Add new customers
  Add new contacts (people) for each customer account
  Add new events for that client account
  Add new documents to an event
  Add new templates to use in all events
  Ability to upload Microsoft Word Documents, PDF, Excel, and JPG and GIF photos to a specific event file from your computer. 
  Add tasks for a client account or event account (such as May 15 "Call client to see if they liked my quote" )
  On screen daily callback list (shows which clients you should call for that date) per user (if you have more than 1 person in your company)
  Add multiple users (your staff) to work in accounts (they can work out of their home or anywhere they have web access)
  Complete tracking of correspondence with the client
  Search clients
  Display events in the future
  Master database backed up daily

Future modules we are building but are NOT in the current online version of this software:
  Printing of contracts for clients
  Customizable Screens (coming soon)
  Customizable fields or categories in the database
  Printing of contracts for vendors (people you hire to work on your events)
  Emailing vendors to check their availability and prices (if you subcontract vendors)
  Tracking of client purchases
  Tracking of client payments
  Tracking of payments to vendors (if you sub-contract or have employees)
  and anything else you think of that we need to build into the program.

*FREE means limited time no cost to use this software for the first 100 people who qualify






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